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Here is a partial list of organizations that have benefited from
Karen R. Jenkins, Financial Empowerment Consultant.

  • Affordable Housing Coalition of SC
  • Community Relations Council
  • Columbia Urban League
  • St. John Baptist Church
  • Family Services, Inc
  • Allregs
  • NeighborWorks, America
  • The Association of Housing Counselors
  • First Nazareth Baptist Church
  • Black Pages, USA
  • How We Live Magazine
  • SC Bankruptcy Lawyer Association
  • SC Association of Black Psychologist
  • 7th Episcopal District Lay Organization
  • National Association of Real Estate Brokers
  • The South Carolina Dietician Management Association
  • Bethel AME Church
  • Palmetto Center for Women
  • Karen R. Jenkins

    --“Ms. Jenkins provided a wealth of knowledge on housing conditions that were direct causes for creating the crisis, and she outlined a variety of solutions for homeowners who are experiencing foreclosure .  Ms. Jenkins has a passion for her work and she utilizes her skills to assist persons in dire need of immediate help.   She is extremely knowledgeable and has outstanding training skills.   Her robust energy in the housing arena has been an asset to homeowners and potential homeowners in the state of South Carolina.

    Patricia W. Green, Director

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


    --Karen’s insight on mortgage issues and financial dilemmas are unmatched. She provides common-sense information " that is easy for viewers to understand....... Our viewers relate to her and attentively listen when she speaks......" --
    Brandi Cummings, WIS TV 10 Reporter & Awareness Host

    -- "Karen has always been a source WIS viewers can count on for direct answers to financial questions. Every time she appears on any of our news broadcast, viewers feedback surges with questions and many thanks for her help.........Thanks Karen!" --
    Stewart Moore, WIS TV 10 News Anchor

    --“As host of NewsWatch, I knew I could always rely on Karen to deliver sound financial advice. Her insight is never just words, it is always on a level that folks of all economic backgrounds could understand.......... Karen always brings it to our viewers in a way they can understand and apply it to their own lives.” --
    Ben Hoover, WIS TV 10 News Anchor, NewsWatch Host.

    -- Two words come to mind when I think of Karen: knowledgeable and compassionate. Karen uses her knowledge to empower others to become financially fit. The wonderful thing about Karen is that her knowledge is fueled by compassion for others because she really cares about their financial well-being. I can always count on Karen to provide my listeners with accurate information, sound advice, and helpful tools to empower them to better their finances and live life with a peace of mind about their financial security that surpasses all understanding.
    Dawn Mills Campbell, Host and Executive Producer of I-95, a community awareness program on WFMV, 95.3 FM.

    Pamela Simmons-Beasley, Attorney at Law

    19th Annual Seminar of The South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association.

    On September 12, 2009 Karen Jenkins delivered to approximately 150 bankruptcy attorneys and judges a very informative, insightful and captivating presentation on the genesis of our current economic recession and the efforts of government to remedy the resulting wave of foreclosures with the Home Affordability and Stability Plan and Home Affordable Modification Program.  Not an easy group to impress, she won us over with her knowledge on the subject and her ease of presentation.  As a consumer bankruptcy attorney I was especially enlightened by the information on credit reports on how one goes about rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy filing.  She provided information that we can share with our clients and could benefit us personally. Ms. Jenkins’ style of presentation was most engaging and informative.

    D. Chenise Wiley, Attorney and Counselor at Law

    “Karen Jenkins brings to the table a wealth of financial knowledge and experience along with interpersonal skills that complement her ability to provide relevant information to her target audiences. She embodies confidence in her presentations while ensuring her message can be easily digested by a range of participants. Mrs. Jenkins' command of the intricacies of the financial market, consumer awareness, entrepreneurial opportunities, self-awareness and self-help strategies makes her more than qualified to educate, train and inspire on a vast array of topics. Her personality is a welcomed and refreshing change to the face of motivational speakers. She joyfully and sincerely extends the invitation to join her on the journey to a better you, and you are all the more enticed to come along for the ride.” July 22, 2010

    Katrina Macari, Media Specialist, SC Dept of Employment and Workforce

    “After interviewing Karen I was able to attend one of her financial workshops. Not only was Karen a great interview, but a dynamic, exciting speaker as well. She had this group at, "Hello!" She drew them in, and when the workshop was over I truly believe after interviewing a few of the participants she opened their eyes. She gave them a secret key to a magical door that most of them never knew existed. Karen was able to take her knowledge and put her audience in a bubble. She locked them in with her personality, and laughter. They were enthralled, I was amazed. I wish there were more Karen Jenkins out there!!” July 20, 2010

    Vanzell Haire, Managing Partner, The Immanuel Group

    “Karen Jenkins is the consummate professional in the environment of consulting with her clients as well as speaking before groups of all sizes. Karen's delivery is succinct, well-calculated and thorough. Her breadth of knowledge goes beyond the bounds of time for most engagements, but she has a unique delivery that keeps her audience captured and educates them to the point of having an understanding of her points by the conclusion of the session. I highly recommend Karen Jenkins for your next keynote or seminar event.” July 20, 2010

    Corwyn Melette, Broker in Charge, Complete Action Real Estate Services, Inc.

    “Karen is a hardworking, dedicated professional who really cares about her clients. Her expertise in financial matters is inspiring and she does not disappoint with her delivery of information. While it is sometimes difficult to deliver a presentation with relatively boring content, Karen does a great job of adding character. You will not be disappointed.” August 16, 2010

    C. Cummings, Augusta, Georgia

    I attended Mrs. Jenkins’ financial empowerment workshop recently at the Literature and Arts Festival in Columbia, SC.  I really enjoyed the very informative session.  This is the second seminar that I have attended and I learned new information this time.  I have purchased and read the book, Nobody Told Me”.  I wish this book existed when I first started working.  I learned what I know now by trial and error, making many mistakes along the way.  The book is a “MUST READ” for all young people before the age of 21!

    William Lowory

    I enjoyed Mrs. Jenkins workshop, I totally felt her passion for financial empowerment.  She has an uncanny way of telling her story.  Great workshop.

    Tracy Houston

    I brought my nieces and nephews to the workshop.  Mrs. Jenkins did a great job explaining the importance of managing your finances.