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"Nobody Told Me!
The Path to Financial Empowerment"

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Can a finance book be informative and yet reader friendly? Of course it can. In "Nobody Told Me!" Karen R. Jenkins captivates you by sharing her experiences in personal finances while introducing you to a new world of financial empowerment.  "Nobody Told Me!" was written to inspire you to change your thoughts about your personal finances.  It presents a holistic approach to reaching financial goals by providing resources and a user-friendly plan to get you started on the path to financial wealth.

"Nobody Told Me!" will increase your knowledge and challenge you to take ownership for your financial well-being.  You will benefit from this book regardless of where you are financially.  It will transform your attitude and approach to managing money and guide you in building a solid financial foundation.  "Nobody Told Me! The Path to Financial Empowerment" is a must read for everyone.

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Just $19.95 (Tax + S&H) to place your order click the button below. 

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One-on-One Consultation

Individual * Couples * Pre-Marital Financial Consulting Available

Are you in need of financial guidance to determine your best financial position? Do you need personal coaching to help create your financial road map?  Are you in a financial situation and need to determine the best available options that can resolve your specific financial needs?  If so, personal consulting can provide you with what you are looking for.  Please call 803-386-8028 to schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Financial Fitness & Money Management Program

It’s Time to JUST DO IT!!

Do you need a raise? How would you like to give yourself a raise, without getting an increase from your job? You have CONTROL that you never knew existed.  Are you ready to accomplish the financial goals that you have been setting but never accomplishing over the past years?  If you are struggling in this economic time or just want to position yourself to prosper, this 8 week program is designed for you.  Go beyond the usual New Year’s resolution that is never resolved and focus on Karen’s 6 Step Process to improve your financial fitness and get you on the right track to success.  Karen will share tips directly from the financial playbook that will cover:

  • A Financial Compass,  where are you financially stable
  • Realistic Budgeting for the everyday person
  • Understanding Your Credit so it won’t hurt you
  • Debt Management and what you really need to know
  • Risk Management: What protection you  need
  • And much, much more……….

Choose Your Preferred Investment Option:

OPTION 1: ______ Invest in full upfront for $497.00 and save $103.00. (BEST DEAL)

OPTION 2: ______ Invest $275 down and $275 next month. (Total investment $550)

OPTION 3: ______ Invest $200 down and 2 equal monthly payments of $200. (Total investment $600)

I understand that by joining the Financial Fitness & Money Management Program, I am committed to the initial coaching period which includes a one hour training teleconference session each week for 8 weeks and one (30) minute one-on-one session every other week for 8 weeks.  Once I submit this registration and I am approved I am responsible for the full payment of my training based on the payment plan I selected.

I understand that at the end of the program I will have the option of joining th membership-based Financial
Fitness continuity program for a modest ongoing discounted monthly membership fee of $39/month in order to continue to receive each of the membership privileges. I understand if I opt in to the monthly membership dues will not begin until the month beginning after the Financial Fitness & Money Management Program has been completed.

Invest in full upfront payment of $497.00 and save $103.00. (BEST DEAL)

Invest $275 down and $275 next month (Total Investment $550)

Invest $200 down and 2 equal monthly payments of $200. (Total investment $600)

Money Matters Financial Fitness Club

The SECRET to creating a thriving, financially and spiritually successful future is to get information, accountability and motivation on a CONSISTENT basis!

If you're like me, you don’t have a lot of time to research the internet, read a lot of books and attend a wide variety of classes.  One of the most effective strategies from a time and money perspective is to join a group of like minded individuals.  The Money Matters Financial Fitness Club (MMFFC) provides Support and Accountability.

The MMFFC is designed to give you the financial information and tips to success you've been looking for, all in one easy, convenient program.

Join the Money Matters Financial Fitness Club program call to gain invaluable information on building your financial future.

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Financial Empowerment Audio CD Series

Purchase the entire series to ensure that you cover the main components of your

financial foundation.  Discover how to create your plan, what to base your plan on using the

lender’s perspective and how to protect your credit.  

The 3 CD bundled offer includes the following:

* Creating Your Financial Road Map: Five Tips You Need To Know

* Understanding and Protecting Your Credit
* A Financial Syllabus from the Creditor's Perspective, What You Need To Know

Receive all three audio CDs for one low price or purchase them individually below.

Price: $35.00

(Please allow up to 7-10 days for delivery)

Creating Your Financial Road Map: Five Tips You Need To Know

Learn how to give yourself a raise without increasing your income
Find out the life changing strategies to establishing your financial future

This series helps you understand:
* The importance of knowing where you are financially
* Crucial principles to establishing your personal financial plan
* Lessons learned from those that did not have a plan

Introductory Offer: $14.95

Understanding and Protecting Your Credit

You can't protect or improve what you don't understand. 
Get the details on your credit score and find out what makes up
your score.  Implement the most impactful changes for your financial future.

This series helps you understand:
* What impacts your credit score
* Specific actions you can take to improve your score
* Other areas of your life that may be impacted by your score

Introductory Offer: $14.95

A Financial Syllabus from the Creditor's Perspective,
What You Need To Know

Find out how lenders and creditors determine what type of loan you qualify for. 
Know how you are being rated so you can better prepare yourself financially.

This series shows you how to:
* Position your financial portfolio from the lenders perspective for future approvals
* Build credit history reflecting strong credentials
* Get better rates based on your financial positioning

Introductory Offer: $14.95


Keynote Speaker
Panel Participant

Other Services

Corporate/Organizational Consulting:

Project Management, Organizational Assessment and interventions to assist organizations with optimizing effectiveness. This includes providing organizations with services for their membership to ensure a value-added service reached the organization as a whole.

Individual Consulting:

Consulting and Coaching programs to identify your financial strategies and needs.  Individuals will be provided a personal situation analysis that will assess their current status and help identify solutions.  This information will be used to coach and provide a rich environment of on-going self awareness, learning and support.


Keynote/Motivational Speaker (National Speaker’s Association Member)

Keynote Presentations

Facilitation for on and off-site meetings & conferences
Corporate Training

Team Building
Leadership  Coaching/Consulting

Call 803-386-8028 for details on corporate and organizational services.


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